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  • Cold forming bolt formers from M10 to M27 bolts.
  • Flat thread rolling machines matching the above products.
  • Hot forging presses to produce bolts up to M45 or 1-3/4” diameter using eco-friendly induction heaters.
  • Wire drawing facility to draw the coated wire rods in coils to the desired diameter wire for cold forging of bolts and nuts. Can draw up to 28mm
  • Hot nut former to produce nuts using induction heating of continuously fed bar stock.
  • Multi spindle tapping machines to tap the nuts from cold and hot forging route.
  • Extrusion and trimming press to aid production of precise shape with maximum yield.
  • Automatic thread chasing / cutting machines to ensure proper threading of hot forged bolts and anchor bolts
  • Band saw cutting machines for cutting bar stock to produce stud bolts, anchor bolts and hot forged bolts.
  • Double end chamfering and stamping machines for chamfering and stamping of stud bolts and anchor bolts.
  • Circular thread rolling machines to manufacture mass quantities of stud bolts.
  • Thread cutting machines for anchor bolts threading.
  • Profile gas cutting machines to cut washers of different shape and size for anchor bolt application
  • Bending machines to manufacture L and U shaped anchor bolts and eye bolt